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I got into 3D about 10 years ago now.  At the time I was working on a Digital painting and needed a solution to get some perspective issues figured out.  I found DAZ3D during my mad search for this needed assistance and thus began my journey into the wonderful world of 3D.  I found  myself very much interested in many aspects of 3D both artistic and technical.  DAZ Studio is a robust program offered by DAZ which is similar in many ways to Poser, owned by Smith Micro. While Zbrush & Sculptris from Pixologic Inc. are my favorite 3D Sculpting programs that I’m still learning how to use.  I also use Photoshop from Adobe Inc. to create texture, bump and displacement maps that when applied or “wrapped” around 3D meshes adds more realistic color and detail.  Never stop learning.  There are moments when I want to chuck the whole mess out the window but at the end of the day it’s soul food!