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Currently DAZ Studio is at version 4.5.  This program has got a plethora of features.  I’ve been using DAZ Studio from DAZ3D.com since it’s mid beta days.  About 10 years I guess.  It’s been a great ride, not to say there haven’t been some annoying and even maddening moments using this program.  I tried out Poser but just never liked the UI nor how it handled allot of the operations.  DAZ Studio seems to have been built for how my mind works I guess you could say.  I’ve included a screen shot below showing you my Studio interface and how I like it set up.  

The nice thing about DAZ Studio is that all tabs and tool bars are configurable.  You can move them around or turn them off altogether if you want.  There are themes and color choices to satisfy your every hearts desire!!

To the left I have 3 tabs:

Property Editor: You can do allot in this area but it's for advanced users mostly.

Scene Editor:  When you load up content this is the tab you can select, delete or rename items.

Content Manager: This is where your content lives, it's categorized so you can find figures, skins, clothing, props, shaders, light sets and hair pretty easily. 

To the right there are 4 tabs:
Parameters: Each item loaded will have parameters like morphs, rotation and scale options.
Surfaces: This is where you edit the surfaces with textures, shaders and what ever else.
Tool Settings: When a light, or camera or figure is selected this area populates with more options.
Render Settings: When you have your scene ready to render your ability to control settings are here. 

Below those tabs on either side are other tools that come in handy like the Content
Info tab and the D-Form tab: Which are magnets that can be used to reshape clothing, faces or body shapes.  In the center is the work area.  The tabbed panels are collapsible but be careful, if you close out DAZ Studio with them collapsed they don’t open back up easily when you start up DS again for the next session. I always forget. LOL It’s a glitch that’s been with DS since I've been using it!  

The figure you see in the work area is called Genesis.  This figure, along with a few clothing items, some poses, basic skins and hair props are all included in DAZ Studio 4.5.  The unfortunate issue is that Genesis does not fully work within Poser.  So that leaves many friends unable to use Genesis since moving to DAZ Studio is not an option for them.  Learning a new program in the middle of work related projects or just caring for how DAZ Studio looks and works for them is just not an option.  Understandable.   Genesis is truly one of it’s kind though.  Genesis can be man, woman, child, troll, ape, alien, you name it, your hearts desire is achievable with this fantastic figure.  The new technology includes a way to super conform clothing and hair to the figure with nary a poke through.  New body morphs, if set up correctly, will allow for clothing to fit even those new forms.  The morph you see above is one I created using Zbrush to sculpt Genesis.  Saved it using a bridge called GoZ to import and apply it to Genesis.  I then saved it out to my library as a .dsf file which saves the morph information in an area called “data” in My Library.  Load up a new instance of Genesis and there is the new morph.  Cloth, pose and render.  Could never do this with any of the previous generations of figures without jumping through hoops!   Not to say there is not a learning curb, there is but nothing compared to before!   Nice thing about Genesis is that the figure is fully welded so you import the entire figure to do your morph work and only the areas that are morphed will be saved as a morph, so no worries.  Make sure and keep Genesis in it’s default position though when exporting (see above) or you will have a mess on your hands!  Anyway, enjoy some of my Genesis works: