Long ago I actually worked with natural media until my body decided it didn't like what it made me feel like.  I've worked in MOST media at one point or another.  Including Oil, Acrylic, Airbrush, Pencil, Pen and Ink and Sculpture.  I was HORRIBLE at watercolor so nothing to show. 


I've always been obsessed with Gods and Heroes for the longest time and still am to a certain degree.  I even have a portfolio of original  comic book heroes I created and pages I drew.  My one fear is that if I were to display them someone would rip me off so I don't, they stay in the portfolio!  


My one and only sculpture I made was of the Greek God, Pan!  It shows him looking at what was going to be my second sculpture of Syrinx, the nymph he was chasing but she asked to be hidden so the river nymphs hid her as a bank of reeds.  This shows Pan seeing her transform and he then cut her down and made her into the Pan Flute out of revenge. That's why the flute is said to have power!  I was so burnt out after Pan I just couldn't continue so put the project away after multiple attempts! 

The other works are more bits and pieces from my natural adventures!  

I hope you enjoy!