Image gallery of pieces I did by hand or in Photoshop Image gallery of pieces I did by hand or in Photoshop
Renders done in programs like Poser or DAZ Studio Renders done in programs like Poser or DAZ Studio

Long ago when I was first getting my paws wet in digital art I got a copy of Poser 3.  It was a horrible experience and colored my view of this amazing piece of software for a decade or more, thus I delved into the burgeoning program called DAZ Studio and although it was still in beta, in my eyes, was so much more intuitive than Poser!  Now that's changed in many respects.  Poser has pretty much done a 180 in many ways but still has a ways to go before it's fully intuitive! 

​One of my biggest niggles with the program is that in the Material room you can only select one surface at a time. (So easy in DAZ Studio) This totally makes getting things set up much more time consuming.  There are Python script's that can help with that but I'd rather it come in as native code.  I'm not a big fan of python, it's very old scripting language and the UI's for these scripts are usually quite ugly and simplistic.  I'm a very visual learner and if the package that something is wrapped in isn't appealing to me it colors my perception of what it can do to help me reach my goal!  That's just me, I'm sure others reading this are rolling their eyes.  LOL

​With the latest release of Poser (11.3) they now have their own stand alone figures that are very nice.  Not Genesis level but nice and worthy of my time to create content for.  The male is called L'Homme and the female is called La'Femme.  And of course the support for La'Femme is far and away more than for L'Homme but that's what most have come to expect.  Just like in the real world.

ME, I always support the underdog!  LOL  So you know where my talents are going to be, L'Homme!  Another note about these figures.  The "standard" version comes free with Poser 11.3 but there are Pro versions, see the link below to go to Renderosity to look over the Pro figures and all their clothing and accessories!

​Anyways, the program has "rooms" or really TABS, for the various operations.  The Rooms are:

Pose Room where you pose and render your figures and scenes

Material Room is for setting up surface materials with textures and shaders to get the right look to your creation
Face Room is for creating expressions for your figure, this room was removed when Poser 12 hit as it's considered legacy.  There was NO support built in for L'Homme nor La'Femme! 
Hair Room is for utilizing the Hair system, similar to ZBrush's fiber mesh hair but from what I remember Posers hair room really tests your patience with styling and getting something natural and nice looking!
Cloth Room is where you can make use of their Dynamic Cloth engine for natural looking cloth draping.  You can drape just about anything with it!  There are now "insta" scripts to make using it MUCH MUCH easier!

Next are the last two for rigging figures and fitting clothing to figures (I'm still learning these two areas and so far not had much luck)

Fitting & Setup Rooms!  They seem similar to me but:

Setup Room is more about rigging from scratch or transferring a rig from one figure to another.
Fitting Room I think replaced an oldie but good, Wardrobe Wizard. 
I tend to use the Fitting Room most of the time, works fine for my needs (for now)!